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John Brown

John Browne’s songs of the past continue to speak to us all about thoughts, ideas, and feelings which are as relevant and meaningful today as when he first wrote or heard them. He is the living embodiment of everything a … Continue reading

Danny O’Keefe

I’ve been working since Katrina hit New Orleans last year on a new recording that we think will be called “In Time”. The basic tracks were done last August/September in Nashville and finished this year with the help of producer/guitarist/engineer … Continue reading

Kat Eggleston

Kat is one of the most accomplished guitarists and singer/songwriters in the folk, Celtic and traditional music genres. Elating, moving, and amusing audiences with her beautiful blend of sweet melodies, gentle honesty and searing humor, Kat’s music reflects a wide … Continue reading

Lollar Guitars

Jason Lollar has been a professional luthier since graduating from Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, Arizona back in 1975. However, his interests and expertise go well beyond building guitars. In addition to designing and producing extraordinary archtop, solid-body electric … Continue reading

Maren Metke

Maren Metke is a pianist/singer/songwriter who grew up on Vashon Island. Her original, soulful music has its roots in the folk and indie genres, with an emotive, alternative, bluesy quality. Her piano playing is both percussive and melodic with a … Continue reading

Marnie Jones

Marnie Jones has been acclaimed throughout the U.S. as a recording artist, harpist and singer. An ex-industrial designer, mid-life mom, Marnie offers live and recorded music, workshops and lectures on healing with sound and music, and individualized healing sessions. A … Continue reading

Patrick Bennion

Born June 5th, 1976, Patrick was raised on Vashon Island, an island near Seattle, Washington. At the age of eighteen, Patrick attended Western Washington University, graduating with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology. Patrick started playing guitar at that time and … Continue reading

Pete Droge

Pete Droge is one third of the critically acclaimed band The Thorns with Matthew Sweet and Shawn Mullins. He co-wrote the opening track, “Blue As You” and the single, “Beautiful Wreck” from Mullins’ newly released 9th Ward Pickin’ Parlor. Additionally, … Continue reading

Robyn Landis

Robyn Landis is a gifted wordsmith and award-winning songwriter with a deft and powerful command of language. Since 2005, she has accrued over 30 songwriting honors in competitions, showcases and festivals. These have included first place at the Woody Guthrie … Continue reading

Roger Lehet

Roger started playing Coronet in 1974 and by 76 had taken up drums/percussion. His travels have taken him to many parts of the country with highlights such as the Kingdome sold out Seahawks half time show, the Yakima Sundome (also … Continue reading

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